Southwest Quality Molding

Plastic Cores, End Caps and Sleeves

Plastic Cores

Injection molded cores give you the ultimate in a tight tolerance precision core in almost any style at a very competitive price. Cores can be manufactured with key(s), keyway(s), fins, grooves, and notches in various diameters and are available up to 152 mm lengths, but may require some upfront tooling cost to produce. We have a unique program for lower volumes, in that customers pays only for inserts that fit into Southwest Quality Molding mold bases therefore eliminating most of the upfront tooling cost.

End Caps and Sleeves

In our growing family of roll suspension sleeves and end caps, we can protect your products during its most dangerous time, shipping. Our 6” sleeves molded with HDPE resin will support weights up to 1800 pounds. The End Caps are made with the same HDPE resin to provide superior protection during transit.