At Southwest Quality Molding, we are adept at solving unique molding challenges to optimize manufacturing efficiency and part quality. The product shown here is a front computer bezel that is molded using a combination of polycarbonate and ABS resin. Polycarbonate/ABS blends offer high impact resistance and are available in UL recognized flame retardant formulations, making them ideal for a variety of applications. The bezel measures 397 mm in length, 181 mm in width, 32.5 mm in height, and requires 315 grams of resin to produce.

The largest obstacle that had to be overcome in the project was the number and type of inserts required for the bezel. This part requires 20 different brass inserts in 4 different styles. Each insert must be placed precisely in its location in order to mate with the assembly and prevent damage to the mold. To prevent scrap parts and tooling damage, the mold was color coded, ensuring that operators could easily identify the proper location for each insert. By implementing this process, there have been no issues in locating the inserts and molding this assembly. For additional information regarding this custom insert molding project, see the table below, or contact us directly.

Custom Injection Molded Computer Bezel Project Highlights

Product Name
Product Description
Front Computer Bezel Cover
Process Type
Custom Injection Molding; Insert Molding
Equipment used to manufacture part
400 ton Van Dorn Injection Molding Machine
Over-all Part Dimensions
181mm wide x 397mm long x 32.5mm high
Plastic Characteristics
High Impact; Flame Retardant; UL Recognized
In process testing/ inspection preformed
Dimensional inspection; Visual Inspection
Part Weight
315 grams
Industry for use
Customer supplied specifications