As an innovative plastic injection molding company, at Southwest Quality Molding, we can accommodate complex projects that incorporate overmolding and insert molding processes. The part shown here is a pad pedal that is used by an industry leading forklift manufacturer. The pedal is used as the forward and reverse pedal in stand-up end-control forklifts. This part is manufactured on a 120 ton Toshiba injection molding machine to customer supplied specifications.

The pedal consists of the primary pedal body and overmolded arrows which are produced from a polypropylene resin as well as six M50 brass inserts that are used to assemble the pedal to the forklift. The overall assembly measures 108 mm in length, 174 mm in width, 20 mm in height, and is manufactured using a 97 gram shot. Dimensional and visual inspections are performed throughout the manufacturing process to verify conformance to customer prints. For additional details regarding this custom injection molding project, see the table below, or contact us directly.

Custom Injection Molded Forklift Pad Pedal Project Highlights

Product Name
Injection Molded Forklift Pad Pedal
Product Description
Forward and Reverse Stand-up End Control Forklift Pad Pedal.
Process Type
Custom Injection Molding; Over Molding; Insert Molding
Equipment used to manufacture part
120 ton Toshiba Injection Molding Machine
120 ton Toshiba Injection Molding Machine
108mm wide x 174mm long x 28mm high
Plastic Characteristics
High Impact; Chemical Resistant
In process testing/ inspection preformed
Dimensional inspection; Visual Inspection
Part Weight
97 grams
Industry for use
Customer supplied specifications