At Southwest Quality Molding, we can assist customers in minimizing the cost of high volume components by employing innovative tooling designs and our extensive materials knowledge. The part highlighted here is a rail clip that is used to hold price tags or other signage in grocery and other retail environments. This part allows store owners to easily change out signage without the use of adhesives or other permanent fastening methods.

The clip measures 55.5 mm in length, 25.4 mm in width, 1.6 mm in thickness, and is produced on our 170 ton Van Dorn injection molding machine using 3.5 grams of general purpose polypropylene. This part underwent three design iterations, eventually resulting in the use of staggered parting lines in the mold for the part openings. This prevents the need for slides in the mold design, minimizing tooling costs while still allowing us to produce this complex part efficiently and to customer specifications. For additional details regarding this custom high volume injection molding project, see the table below, or contact us directly.

Product Name
Rail Clip
Product Description
In-store Shelf Signage Pricing Tag.
Process Type
Custom Injection Molding
Equipment used to manufacture part
170 ton Van Dorn Injection Molding Machine
Over-all Part Dimensions
25.4mm x 55.5mm long x 1.6mm thick
Plastic Characteristics
General Purpose
In process testing/ inspection preformed
Dimensional Inspection; Visual Inspection
Part Weight
3.5 grams
Industry for use
Customer supplied specifications