At Southwest Quality Molding, we can assist customers in trimming costs by converting machined metal parts to injection molded plastic parts without compromising component quality. The part shown here is a flow conditioner that is used to minimize ultrasonic noise in piping systems. Previously, the customer had been producing these components from stainless steel, but inquired whether we could specify a thermoplastic material that would be capable of withstanding the harsh operating conditions of this application. Polyetherketone, or PEEK, was chosen for its wear, flame, and high temperature resistant qualities.

PEEK is an extremely stable thermoplastic that is used in a variety of demanding applications from medical implants to piston components. Molding was performed in our climate controlled facility using a 400 ton Van Dorn injection molding machine. The flow conditioner weighs 1.7 lbs. and has an outer diameter of 269.75″. Dimensional and visual inspections were performed to verify that parts met all customer specified standards. For additional details about this custom engineering resin molding project, see the table below, or contact us directly.

Custom Plastic Injection Molded Pipe Flow Conditioner Project Highlights

Product Name
GCF Flow Conditioners
Product Description
Noise Minimize Pipe Flow Conditioner
Process Type
Custom Injection Molding, Hot Oil Temperature Controller
Equipment used to manufacture part
400 ton Van Dorn Injection Molding Machine
Over-all Part Dimensions
269.75mm Diameter x 25.35mm Height
PEEK (Polyetherketone)
Plastic Characteristics
Flame Retardant; High Temperature; Wear Resistant
In process testing/ inspection preformed
Dimensional Inspection; Visual Inspection
Part Weight
1.7 pounds
Industry for use
Customer supplied specifications